Saturday, May 18, 2013

A servants heart

My parents raised us girls with a servants heart. We didn't have a lot growing up during my younger years,  my dad was a self employed tv repair man. Even with that being the case we were taught to give of ourselves how we could to be a blessing to someone who needed it. 

There was always room and love for every and any child in our life. It's just another of Gods graces that has constantly flown through our lives.  Being able to love and care for everyone, like God loves and cares for us.

As a mom and stepmom, which I see no difference, I love all my kids equally. That means I will get on them when needed, but always love them no matter what.

One of my step children questions how I could already love them. In my eyes God gave me a beautiful gift with my husband and his 4 boys. When I said yes, and took vows to love and honor him, those vows were made to his children too.  They instantly became mine, and as God would have me, I love my children as he loves me. He doesn't just love me occasionally or when I'm being good. He loves me unconditional. That is a true gift of love, which I inspire to pass on to each of my children.