Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Being a step mom is hard work!

Anyone who tells you being a step mom is a piece of cake, well I'm just gonna ask them "do you know where liars go?"

Sure, the love is a piece of cake or for me it is. I know that in Gods plan of letting us have free will, these kids were intended as mine from the beginning.  So when he entrusted my husband and kids to me the love instantly flowed. 

One of my bonus sons, and the reason this blog started, reminds me my job as step mom is well worth any frustrations.  He will tell me I'm silly for thinking I'm too fat for a bathing suit. He will make me practice his swing dance in the kitchen. A lot of times, he will tell me not to touch him. Occasionally he wants to sit on my lap. One night in particular he leaned in and kissed my arm.  You will find him constantly teasing me, out of love about being shooting star. I might blog about that after our Canada bear hunt.  Last night I chased him, he was surprised how quick I could run. I told him, I warned you not to make a fat girl mad, she can catch you. The heartiest laugh came out and he said "you're not fat". 

He reminds me, that no matter how I see myself, he sees me in my purest form. Not afraid to call me out if I'm being to emotional, but quick with praise as well. 
This kid reminds me that being a 'step' mom is a huge blessing.

Did I say being a step mom was hard? Hmmm, it's rewarding and no different than being mom. I'm blessed, truly blessed.