Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spray Plane?!

Yuppy is full force in effect after seeing a spray plane. Hold on to your seats!

Innocently driving down the road, I see a small yellow plane going straight down at full speed. I become very scared that we are under a terrorist attack in North Western Kansas, just hush!  Then I see him just above ground level let out a stream of only God knows what chemical. Now I'm really scared.  Then the plane starts going straight up quickly.  He barely misses an electric pole. He quickly turns and dives back down, spraying yet again.  It then hits me he's spraying a crop. Our small little section of America is not under attack. Yes, I realize how silly that sounds. 

So I call Kendall telling him how silly I was, which he quickly replies Yuppy! Then he proceeds to tell me sometimes they go under the utility poles. I quickly tell him in my excited heart, I would have peed my pants right then and there had they done that.

I'm sure the people behind me were beyond mad at my gawking driving, they knew what was going on. This yuppy sure didn't!

It's my hopes, some other innocent yuppy reading this will be spared the excitement of thinking their little world is being torn up. Geez, I still have a lot to learn!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Yuppy Farm Girls Bear Adventure

Who goes bear hunting on their honeymoon, when one member of the newlywed couple has never been hunting for anything other than a bargain, remote or lost car keys?  Why us of course.

We had originally planned a fly in fishing trip for our honeymoon, but my husband is a farmer who has to drive a truck and taking time off 2 months in a row, would be difficult at best. So when our oldest son’s ACT scheduling conflicted with him making this year’s traditional Brothers and Sons bearhunting trip, my husband asked if I’d like to hunt in his place atAll Terrain Bear Hunts with outfitter Cory Grant.   

My dad, who raised 4 girls, always told me I would hate hunting.  He said you have to wash up in the lake, and you can’t have hair dryers.  Knowing this my husband asked me if I was sure I wanted to go hunting bear since I’ve never hunted before.  I looked at him with a very cocky attitude and said “Go Big or Go Home Baby”.  This quickly became my 12 year old bonus son’s and my phrase the whole trip.  We both ended up going home, and sadly I have to admit I scared off my son’s 500 pound chocolate trophy bear.  Just think of the story you’d be reading if that would have been his first bear!

There was a mad dash of getting a passport for me and purchasing my very first bow.  Getting your very first bow could be a story of its own.  It’s a lot like giving birth to your first child.  Holding your new born baby you realize what a warrior you are, holding your very first bow you realize you have the power to be a mighty huntress (for a gal that is).  Little did I know what a powerful experience this whole trip would be.

We arrived at All Terrain Bear Hunt in Thompson, Manitoba Canada after a 3 day long road trip from Kansas and met up with our hunting guide Cory.  By the time we arrived the guys were all convinced I didn’t need a bow to hunt I’d be just fine wrestling a bear down with my bare hands.  Let’s just say being cooped up in a pick-up truck with five men is not necessarily ideal when you’re the only woman. I’ve apologized.

We rode by boat to the cabin we would call home for the next 5 days.  What an experience it was seeing the beautiful maple trees surrounded by more Pine trees than even Deep East Texas.  That evening as we settled in, Cory showed us all trail cam pictures of where we would be going.  He asked my husband how he felt about hunting in a ground blind.  

Anticipation started rising at the thought of being in a ground blind with the bears he was showing us on trail cams.  We saw a 500 pound chocolate, a 7 ft. black bear and a pushing 600 pound cinnamon, with some gorgeous blonde bears that were average size.  

Originally I had contemplated hunting by myself.  This was my sons first official hunt, and even though it was mine too, I thought it would be better for Dad & Son to be together as a riteof passage.  That was until I saw the pictures.  I had no clue what I was doing, and the thought of being alone freaked me out.  Cory in his infinite wisdom didn’t feel us two rookies should be alone, so I was placed with my husband the first 3 nights and my son with his uncle.  I felt relief and guilt at the same time.  

Our first night out, Kendall and I were in the ground blind.  Every movement or sound I was sure was a bear, and I was sure it was coming for the fresh meat on the ground.  We had about 25 squirrels and no, I’m not exaggerating, come in that night.  Not one bear.  The trail cam had shown 4 good size bears going to that site on a regular basis.  The weather was cold, and rainy and if I was a bear I wouldn’t be out either.  

My son’s first night out they were in a double stand.  They had 4 bears come in.  They never were really presented with a good shot.  When it was the end of the evening, Cory picked up my husband and I first and we took a boat ride over to pick up my son and brother-n-law.  As I saw my son walk out of the woods, I saw his megawatt smile.  My whole night of seeing imaginary bears was quickly not the point of my night.   There is no greater joy than seeing your son smile that big even though he didn’t get a bear that night.  I sat in back of the boat with Cory as I watched my son and brother-n-law tell my husband about their sightings.  I watched with amazement and awe as they all smiled.  That moment was what hunting is really about. The second night was a mirror to our first night out.

Our third night out, we went to where we had been the two nights before, only this time the sun was out. I started off once again seeing imaginary animals, when suddenly a loud tree crack caught our attention.  My husband whispered that was too big to be anything other than a bear.  So we sat for 10 minutes in complete silence, watching and waiting.  Directly in front of usabout 100 yards, I saw movement and there was no denying it was a bear!  Both my husband and I thought he looked huge from that far back. I turned to my husband and asked him if he wanted him, I wasn’t here for a trophy and that sure looked like a trophy.  Kendall told me to just watch him come in and we would gauge his size when he came all the way in.  

As he got closer we realized he was an average size bear but his coat was gorgeous.  He was mine.  There it was, a perfect broadside shot opportunityKendall told me to draw my bow butI couldn’t do it.  I was shaking with adrenaline too bad because this very moment was what I had waited for.  The bear must have heard a noise and when he started to move, I had the perfect broad side shot. Kendall told me to draw three timeswhile I was drawing my bow back for the shot.  I ended up shooting too low, and missed my bear.  I had never practiced sitting down and shooting my bow and at closer than 10 yards;so I aimed low, thinking it would be just like shooting at 10 yards.  It wasn’t, it went exactly where I had it aimed.  I missed my bear.  

When Cory arrived that night, my other 2 boys that stayed at camp came along with him.  In case, step-mom had gotten a bear.  I cried like a baby they had come.  Knowing I had a chance at a bear and they could have shared in that with me meant more than just getting a bear.  I again went home empty handed but my heart was full.  

When it was time to head out of our site, we packed up and walked down to the water’s edge.  Time started passing and I started getting worried.  I knew there were bears in those woods;we were an open target just waiting.  Looking at my husband, he must have known what I was thinking because he said surely the others got a bear and would be there shortly.  After an eternity of waiting (okay, twenty minutes) the boat arrived. Inside that boat was my son and brother-n-law, my son smiling bigger than ever introducing me to the blonde beauty in the boat with them.  I quickly asked whose it was, which Hunter told me Uncle Kevins.  None the less, it was a celebration night.  Someone was going home with a bear.  

My dear, patient husband, who was blowing his hunting nights being stuck with me, was going to get to hunt by himself the next two nightsand would be going after a huge cinnamon that had returned after being wounded by previous hunters.  Cory decided he had the perfect spot for 2 rookies; Hunter and I were going to go out together in a tree stand.

Trying to put on a brave front, knowing I’m going up in a tree, we walked past huge fresh bear evidence.  As we get closer to the tree, we notice the beaver head lying in the tree stand floor and obvious bear claw prints in the dirt up the ladder.  We both climb up and secure ourselves.  I pulled out the scent spray to start spraying down, and my son told me to wait until Cory had left.  Cory went back out telling my husband who was waiting to go to his stand we saw the beaver head and had already pulled out the bear mace.  I promise it was the scent spray!

Within 30 minutes our first bear came in.  He was an average size, black bear with a tan snout but rubbed very badly all over.  We sat and watched as he filled his stomach and wondered off.

Not even an hour later, another average size black bear.  We watched him for a good while, and I decided that he was my chance at taking a bear home.  We had already determined that Hunter would have first shot at the 500 pound chocolate that had been visiting this site. I would go for average size.  It was to be my first bear and an average size bear was good for me.  I wasn’t scared or shaking.  Thinking, this was going to be much easier than the night before; I drew my bow, suddenly like a race horse he was gone.  

As I start to turn back around, I see him; all 500 glorious pounds of chocolate bear.  I started shaking and felt the blood drain from my face.  Hunter looked at me knowing something was up and asked what?  As quietly as I could told him his bear was here.  He told me to freeze and not move a muscle.  Hunters bear saw me, and off he went.  Not too fast, but more of a cautious ease away.  Feeling horrible, I started praying “Dear God, just let him come back” over and over about 5 times.Turning to Hunter I said he had to come back, he moved away too slowly I didn’t think he was scared off.  Almost in tears and prayingwe waited for that beauty to come back in.  He never did.  I blew my son’s chance at his trophy.  I will never ever live this moment down.  

An hour before it was time to go back to camp, the tree again shook and I felt wetness and a plop on my head.  I look around wondering what is going on, because even though the wind had been blowing it had not been blowing that hard.  Hunter looks up, and pointed and whispered “bear”.  Knowing this child, and how he loves to pull pranks I didn’t believe him. I took my hat off and glanced up and didn’t see anything.  I placed my hand on my hat and pulled my hand back down and smelled.  Yes, I smelled.  It was definitely excretions.  I again pull my hat off and glance up to see a bear in the tree with us.  

At first it looked like a cub, maybe two.  Now we were really worried, where there are cubs there is a sow looking for those cubs.  I couldn’t with good conscience shoot any bear that came in, it might be that sow.  I did pull the mace out then; we could be in a very dangerous spot now. I then told Hunter with a smile on my face, we’ve been here all night with him what’s another hour? We then figured out it was a yearling and not a cub, so I felt a little more safe.

About 15 minutes before last light, my bear came back.  I was going to take the shot.  Hunter seemed very proud that I was going to take the shot.  Waiting and waiting for the broadside shot, I drew back my bow to make sure my light was still good enough.  Then as he gave me a quartering away shot, Cory and my other son, Garrett, came in on four wheelers to take us home.  My bear took off, guess that serves me right.  That night my dear patient husband didn’t see any bears.  He was however in the presence of a completely white wolf.  

Our final night, Hunter didn’t want to go back to the tree stand with me as I had scared his bear off.  Couldn’t really blame him, but I was convinced we needed to go together one last time.  You see, the night before I discovered what it felt like to reallysit with your son. No words, no need to fill the silence, just sit and be together.  High up in a tree, neither one of us able to pretend there was something more important going on at the time.   It was quality time that a lot of people talk about having but don’t ever really have the chance for.  There were quite a few times that night where he rested his head on my shoulder, as he would have as a baby or small child had he been mine from birth.  I had already raised 3 boys over the age of 18, and I took a lot of moments I shouldn’t have for granted.   That night, I was not going to take anything for granted.  

My husband’s last night by himself was spent seeing his trophy cinnamon 80 yards out on a date with his girlfriend.  The wind was blowing pretty hard, and neither one came in.  Had Kendall taken his gun, I’m sure he would have had his biggest bear yet.Hunter’s and my last night was spent watching a small black bear enjoy our bait site.

The experiences of hearing my husband’s excitement behind me as I was going for my first bear, my son’s head on my shoulder, seeing my boys come to pick me up after my hunt night, far outweigh any bear I could have brought home this trip. learned hunting isn’t just about shooting and killing, it’s not always about coming home with food or a trophy, or your husband trying to get away from you; sometimes it’s just about being with the people you love.  Not having to talk, but just being present with each other.  Moments you can’t get anywhere else. Quit nagging your husbands, and I challenge you to go out with them.  Camo up from head to toe and that includes your face, scent free yourself and arm up.  Spend some time with a member of your family in a tree stand, and keep quiet.  If you really get what I’m saying, your blessing is going to be 10 fold.

There are not enough good words to describe All Terrain Bear Hunts and Cory Grant.  That man knows his bears; he knows his sites that he takes you.  He doesn’t just drop you off and say good luck. Cory baits his sites, to suit the situation.  For the first time bear hunter, you will not find another place better to go.  For the seasoned bear hunter you will get all your BIG bear thrills.  The fishing is divine too.  We had 3 amazing fish breakfasts, that were caught right there off the dock at our cabin.  

Will I hunt again?  You better believe it, I’m anxiously awaiting deer season.  Plus, I already told my husband he’s not ever leaving me out on a bear trip.  The rush you get seeing your first bear, and I imagine anytime you see a bear is up there with one of the best feelings in the world.  Especially when you experience it with those you love most.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The last donught

If you ever go to Canada, I highly recommend Tim Horton donughts. The Maple dips are amazing. Pure maple flavor, no fake stuff. The yeast dough isn't too sweet and not greasy like another chain in the US. Before I get too far off in my donught fantasy, I better get back to my point.

My husband is the perfect example of being unselfish. He would literally and has given me the shirt off his back to make sure I was warm in the bear blind. Then wrapped his arms around me to secure that warmth.

We are on our way home from Canada from our amazing bear hunt. Stopping at every Tim Hortons trying to find the most popular maple dips. Alas they didn't have them our last stop. Surprisingly I'm going to insert here my jeans still fit.  He bought some with sprinkles on them. 

As my husband is making sure every one has donughts, he asks for the last sprinkle. Then he graciously offers to go without it if I wanted it. A man willing to give up the last foo foo donught just for you, now that right there is love!

He gives me a lot to strive for, I'm not proud to admit, I use to be as unselfish as him. I learned to be extremely selfish because of various situations. He reminds me to keep my servant heart open and willing to serve.

You're spouse should compliment you and help you strive to be better. Pick you up in your weakness and help you achieve better. Not be ready to run at every little fault. We all continue to learn no matter how old we are. Don't chose to lose happiness, chose the love that brought you together. Nurture the learning times where you see fault, that's Gods love, inspire to see greatness in each other and bring it out. 

Kendall's every day example of unselfish love makes me strive to be and do better. I can only hope and pray when I'm being a pain he doesn't lose happy and sees I'm still learning and willing to keep trying my hardest. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Go Big or Go Home

I, Lisa Kay Helton, have never hunted for anything other than a bargain in my life. My dad use to tell us girls you won't like getting dirty and washing in the lake, and you can't take a blow dryer. 

After figuring out I love being in the woods, and camping I decided I wanted to try hunting. Never have found anyone who trusted a Bush girl with a gun or bow until Kendall. 

When he didn't act scared about taking me hunting with him while we were getting to know each other, I got excited. When he married me, I knew he had no choice but to take me. 

The guys go on an awesome bear hunt every year. Kendall warned me of this before we were even married. I always figured, it would remain a guy trip only. So I was quite surprised when he asked me to go with them this year. Even more so, when Tanner had to schedule his ACT and wasn't going to go on the trip and since we had to already put a deposit on his hunt, I would take his spot so we didn't lose our money.

What?! Did I say I was Bear hunting?! Didn't you read the first sentence in this blog?!

My husband got to thinking about me never hunting before, and asked if I was scared to go for bear my first hunt. I very cockily told him 'I go big, or go home baby'.  As the day fast approaches I'm more excited than scared. It might change when I'm alone in a tree and a big bear comes to visit near my tree, but for now I'm sticking with my bush girl guts. We jump first, and figure out how to make it amazing on the way down.

Yuppy is fixin to get down and dirty, and hang with 4 of her most favorite people. Life doesn't get any better than that...well only if I had all 8 of my kids with Kendall and I, now that would be the bomb diggity!

Now everybody get to praying, I get that big bear and he doesn't get me! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A picture frame is just a thing

Yes, that picture frame holds a memory but its still just a thing. You cherish the person in the frame, you cherish the memory that frame holds so close, but its just a thing.

For way too long in my short life, I clung to things as if they were more important than anything because they were mine. Little did I realize that things can be taken away from you, and your attachment to that thing wasn't what was important to you. When the thing is gone, there is one thing nobody, no tragedy, no accident can take away. Your memory.

My dear heart bonus Hunter broke a picture frame from his dads and my first date. He worried all day about telling me, because he thought I was going to be mad at him.  He didn't answer my texts all day, and I worried. He doesn't ever not talk to me.

His dad had already told me about the frame, I didn't say anything because I wanted Hunter to come tell me.

We made it through our last ball game, and Hunter with fear in his eyes looked at me and said you are going to be really mad at me. I put my arm around his shoulder and asked why. He again repeated I was going to be really mad at him and pulled away from me. I let him tell me and I just smiled. I asked if the picture was ok. He said yes, I told him it could have been worse. 

Even if the picture had been destroyed, I still have the memory of his dad treating me like the only woman in the world that weekend, and the fact it took us 30 mins to finally get one picture of us together in blowing snow high on the mountain. Nothing can take that from me, except old age. By then, I won't know to be upset. It's a memory I hold close to my heart, and I don't need some picture frame to remind me. Sure, they are nice to have around us, but they aren't what matters most.

What matters most is my son knows he can come to me with anything. That nothing can change my love for him, nothing! In the case I do over react, which we all know I do, my love far out weighs my sudden reaction. I don't ever want him to be afraid to come to me with anything, no matter how small or big it seems. In the end, it's the small things that make up big moments of our life. Nothing can take the memories...material things are just things. I hold the people in my life more valuable than things.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shooting Star

There is nothing like getting fitted for your first compound bow. The anticipation, the questions, the surge of adrenaline after its ready for you to shoot. It's your new baby. 

Just like any first new baby, you carefully take it in your hands. As you are death gripping it in your hands, you realize how good it feels. A baby makes a woman realize she is a warrior, a bow a mighty huntress. It feels good, and you feel empowered. Watch out game, there's a new hunter in town.

Then comes the moment, you buckle on your release and clip it on your bow string, point your bow up to draw back because that's what your husband told you to do. Out of no where, you accidentally hit the trigger on your release and shoot the ceiling. Yep, I said it...shot the ceiling. My cheeks turned bright red, and I nervously looked at my husband. My bonus son turned around laughing. The adrenaline that shot through me with embarrassment had me laughing and shaking.

Just so I wouldn't feel bad, they told me the story about my brother-n-law, Kevin, shooting the clock. They said at least I always had him to laugh at. 

None the less, that day I walked away with yet another nick name from my bonus son Hunter...shooting star. 

Hey, Jack! I'm just a yuppy farm girl shooting for the stars!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The truth is John Deere Green

One side of a story is a deep forest green, lush and nothing could spoil it. The other side is brown and withered, from one side being so far over on the deep forest green grass. However, if one stops to really contemplate both sides, right in the middle is John Deere Green. The truth. 

Recently I was a day late and a dollar short of telling my dear husband something. I had tried to tell him the night before, which was also the day I found out what really happened. I couldn't sleep, and I told him I couldn't. That was my childish way to get him to ask me why. He quickly started snoring and I knew my opportunity was gone. Had I been an adult and just came out, maybe the next day wouldn't have been so rough. Even at 40, I have a lot of growing up to do. 

Today it got me to thinking, if he went and told people only the part he knew my side of the field would look brown and withered and his side the lush Forrest green.  Right in the middle though is the John Deere green, where there was no malice or truth hiding. I came out the next day and told him what I had found out, just the day before. He was too upset to listen to me, so I didn't even try to explain.  Another childish behavior on my part. When there are problems you have to tackle them straight on, like an adult. I get scared, just like a child. I clam up, and that's not any way to be. I am accountable for my actions alone. I owe him more trust to hear me, even during my problems.

In John Deere green, you have the chance to be an adult so both of you are living in the deep forest green of spring. When you aren't an adult and clam up you turn the John Deere green brown and withered. 

Choose the opportunity to water and grow your JD green, you owe that to each other. It goes back to trust and knowing, no matter what you are going to be ok. God has your back.