Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A picture frame is just a thing

Yes, that picture frame holds a memory but its still just a thing. You cherish the person in the frame, you cherish the memory that frame holds so close, but its just a thing.

For way too long in my short life, I clung to things as if they were more important than anything because they were mine. Little did I realize that things can be taken away from you, and your attachment to that thing wasn't what was important to you. When the thing is gone, there is one thing nobody, no tragedy, no accident can take away. Your memory.

My dear heart bonus Hunter broke a picture frame from his dads and my first date. He worried all day about telling me, because he thought I was going to be mad at him.  He didn't answer my texts all day, and I worried. He doesn't ever not talk to me.

His dad had already told me about the frame, I didn't say anything because I wanted Hunter to come tell me.

We made it through our last ball game, and Hunter with fear in his eyes looked at me and said you are going to be really mad at me. I put my arm around his shoulder and asked why. He again repeated I was going to be really mad at him and pulled away from me. I let him tell me and I just smiled. I asked if the picture was ok. He said yes, I told him it could have been worse. 

Even if the picture had been destroyed, I still have the memory of his dad treating me like the only woman in the world that weekend, and the fact it took us 30 mins to finally get one picture of us together in blowing snow high on the mountain. Nothing can take that from me, except old age. By then, I won't know to be upset. It's a memory I hold close to my heart, and I don't need some picture frame to remind me. Sure, they are nice to have around us, but they aren't what matters most.

What matters most is my son knows he can come to me with anything. That nothing can change my love for him, nothing! In the case I do over react, which we all know I do, my love far out weighs my sudden reaction. I don't ever want him to be afraid to come to me with anything, no matter how small or big it seems. In the end, it's the small things that make up big moments of our life. Nothing can take the memories...material things are just things. I hold the people in my life more valuable than things.