Thursday, June 6, 2013

Go Big or Go Home

I, Lisa Kay Helton, have never hunted for anything other than a bargain in my life. My dad use to tell us girls you won't like getting dirty and washing in the lake, and you can't take a blow dryer. 

After figuring out I love being in the woods, and camping I decided I wanted to try hunting. Never have found anyone who trusted a Bush girl with a gun or bow until Kendall. 

When he didn't act scared about taking me hunting with him while we were getting to know each other, I got excited. When he married me, I knew he had no choice but to take me. 

The guys go on an awesome bear hunt every year. Kendall warned me of this before we were even married. I always figured, it would remain a guy trip only. So I was quite surprised when he asked me to go with them this year. Even more so, when Tanner had to schedule his ACT and wasn't going to go on the trip and since we had to already put a deposit on his hunt, I would take his spot so we didn't lose our money.

What?! Did I say I was Bear hunting?! Didn't you read the first sentence in this blog?!

My husband got to thinking about me never hunting before, and asked if I was scared to go for bear my first hunt. I very cockily told him 'I go big, or go home baby'.  As the day fast approaches I'm more excited than scared. It might change when I'm alone in a tree and a big bear comes to visit near my tree, but for now I'm sticking with my bush girl guts. We jump first, and figure out how to make it amazing on the way down.

Yuppy is fixin to get down and dirty, and hang with 4 of her most favorite people. Life doesn't get any better than that...well only if I had all 8 of my kids with Kendall and I, now that would be the bomb diggity!

Now everybody get to praying, I get that big bear and he doesn't get me!