Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shooting Star

There is nothing like getting fitted for your first compound bow. The anticipation, the questions, the surge of adrenaline after its ready for you to shoot. It's your new baby. 

Just like any first new baby, you carefully take it in your hands. As you are death gripping it in your hands, you realize how good it feels. A baby makes a woman realize she is a warrior, a bow a mighty huntress. It feels good, and you feel empowered. Watch out game, there's a new hunter in town.

Then comes the moment, you buckle on your release and clip it on your bow string, point your bow up to draw back because that's what your husband told you to do. Out of no where, you accidentally hit the trigger on your release and shoot the ceiling. Yep, I said it...shot the ceiling. My cheeks turned bright red, and I nervously looked at my husband. My bonus son turned around laughing. The adrenaline that shot through me with embarrassment had me laughing and shaking.

Just so I wouldn't feel bad, they told me the story about my brother-n-law, Kevin, shooting the clock. They said at least I always had him to laugh at. 

None the less, that day I walked away with yet another nick name from my bonus son Hunter...shooting star. 

Hey, Jack! I'm just a yuppy farm girl shooting for the stars!