Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spray Plane?!

Yuppy is full force in effect after seeing a spray plane. Hold on to your seats!

Innocently driving down the road, I see a small yellow plane going straight down at full speed. I become very scared that we are under a terrorist attack in North Western Kansas, just hush!  Then I see him just above ground level let out a stream of only God knows what chemical. Now I'm really scared.  Then the plane starts going straight up quickly.  He barely misses an electric pole. He quickly turns and dives back down, spraying yet again.  It then hits me he's spraying a crop. Our small little section of America is not under attack. Yes, I realize how silly that sounds. 

So I call Kendall telling him how silly I was, which he quickly replies Yuppy! Then he proceeds to tell me sometimes they go under the utility poles. I quickly tell him in my excited heart, I would have peed my pants right then and there had they done that.

I'm sure the people behind me were beyond mad at my gawking driving, they knew what was going on. This yuppy sure didn't!

It's my hopes, some other innocent yuppy reading this will be spared the excitement of thinking their little world is being torn up. Geez, I still have a lot to learn!