Sunday, June 16, 2013

The last donught

If you ever go to Canada, I highly recommend Tim Horton donughts. The Maple dips are amazing. Pure maple flavor, no fake stuff. The yeast dough isn't too sweet and not greasy like another chain in the US. Before I get too far off in my donught fantasy, I better get back to my point.

My husband is the perfect example of being unselfish. He would literally and has given me the shirt off his back to make sure I was warm in the bear blind. Then wrapped his arms around me to secure that warmth.

We are on our way home from Canada from our amazing bear hunt. Stopping at every Tim Hortons trying to find the most popular maple dips. Alas they didn't have them our last stop. Surprisingly I'm going to insert here my jeans still fit.  He bought some with sprinkles on them. 

As my husband is making sure every one has donughts, he asks for the last sprinkle. Then he graciously offers to go without it if I wanted it. A man willing to give up the last foo foo donught just for you, now that right there is love!

He gives me a lot to strive for, I'm not proud to admit, I use to be as unselfish as him. I learned to be extremely selfish because of various situations. He reminds me to keep my servant heart open and willing to serve.

You're spouse should compliment you and help you strive to be better. Pick you up in your weakness and help you achieve better. Not be ready to run at every little fault. We all continue to learn no matter how old we are. Don't chose to lose happiness, chose the love that brought you together. Nurture the learning times where you see fault, that's Gods love, inspire to see greatness in each other and bring it out. 

Kendall's every day example of unselfish love makes me strive to be and do better. I can only hope and pray when I'm being a pain he doesn't lose happy and sees I'm still learning and willing to keep trying my hardest.