Monday, June 3, 2013

The truth is John Deere Green

One side of a story is a deep forest green, lush and nothing could spoil it. The other side is brown and withered, from one side being so far over on the deep forest green grass. However, if one stops to really contemplate both sides, right in the middle is John Deere Green. The truth. 

Recently I was a day late and a dollar short of telling my dear husband something. I had tried to tell him the night before, which was also the day I found out what really happened. I couldn't sleep, and I told him I couldn't. That was my childish way to get him to ask me why. He quickly started snoring and I knew my opportunity was gone. Had I been an adult and just came out, maybe the next day wouldn't have been so rough. Even at 40, I have a lot of growing up to do. 

Today it got me to thinking, if he went and told people only the part he knew my side of the field would look brown and withered and his side the lush Forrest green.  Right in the middle though is the John Deere green, where there was no malice or truth hiding. I came out the next day and told him what I had found out, just the day before. He was too upset to listen to me, so I didn't even try to explain.  Another childish behavior on my part. When there are problems you have to tackle them straight on, like an adult. I get scared, just like a child. I clam up, and that's not any way to be. I am accountable for my actions alone. I owe him more trust to hear me, even during my problems.

In John Deere green, you have the chance to be an adult so both of you are living in the deep forest green of spring. When you aren't an adult and clam up you turn the John Deere green brown and withered. 

Choose the opportunity to water and grow your JD green, you owe that to each other. It goes back to trust and knowing, no matter what you are going to be ok. God has your back.