Monday, July 29, 2013

A hug says a million things with no words

A real hug, front to front arms circled snugly tells you that you matter you are loved. A side hug, like your too busy to tell them they matter is just that. They are.

I'm very proud that my oldest 3 boys know how to properly give a hug. They are willing to do it in front of their friends, in front of strangers, anywhere.  As they get older, and stand taller than I do, and their arms are longer than mine, I feel like the kid these days. They can encircle me like I use to them. 

It's such a comforting feeling, when I'm feeling unloved and unappreciated. Their hugs give me strength to keep going.  Their hugs remind me God is present in my life. 

Hugs are powerful, mighty powerful.