Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rich in Love

Growing up, we didn't have much.  My mom and dad use to tell us we were rich in love.  We always had what we needed, and the parents tried very hard to save up or put on lay-a-way what we wanted. Being a farmer's wife, there are good times financially and there are bad times.  Fortunately for my husband, I've not known much more than rough times.  It's just a way of life, and God always provides for us. It doesn't really scare me.  I know no matter what, God and my family will have our back.

There are so many things I never realized about farming,and so much more I need to learn. Things I don't remember being taught about, or maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to in school. My husband with the help of his brothers grew the farm from 17 acres to 2000. To keep that going, they all have to work other jobs.

My husband would much rather be farming full time, but the name of his trucking company says it all, Broke Farmer Trucking. Crops due to weather, have been minimal on dry land. That makes for lean times, with a lot of effort. 

For me growing up, I never thought much about the people growing the food that ended up on our table.  Never once did it cross my mind when it never rained that someone else's peace of mind was drying up too.  I wake each day with a prayer these days, thanking God for the struggles that only make us stronger and I pray for every farmer who needs rain so badly, and thank him for those that don't.

We may never be rich money wise, but what we are rich on is Faith and Love.  Two of the biggest things God asks from us. What a mess our lives would be without those two blessings.