Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The farm hole once again allowed no rain over our crops.  We had good drizzle the other day, but that only touches the surface.  Drizzle doesn't go deep into the roots like a good down pour.  I'm beginning to think weather radar is like bad porn, it teases you and gets you excited but always lets you down in the end.

One thing drizzle reminds me about is God's blessings. Often they are drizzling down on us and we fail to see the drizzle add up to something because we are looking or asking for something more.  

Drizzle might not get to the roots right away, but it's often enough to keep you going if even by a thread. None the less the drizzle is a big blessing because you are holding on. When God sees you grateful for your drizzle it allows the larger blessings to happen on his timing when it's exactly the right time.

Just drizzle? Maybe it is, but be thankful..drizzle is a blessing too.