Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Right Fighting

I read Dr. Phil the other day after reading a blog my sister wrote about everyone's ability to see things differently.  He wrote that to be a phenomenal family, you had to quit being a right fighter.  With my big girl panties pulled up high, I will admit, I do this too much. People get away with so much against each other, but everyone else is not my problem.  Only my actions are my problem.  Even my kids actions are their problem, to an extent.  I've always told them their actions resulted in consequences, they could be good or they could be bad. 

Your right might be my wrong, my right might be your wrong. Neither one of us necessarily wrong, just seeing things in a different light. There is a middle ground, where our children are growing up. They deserve to look at both sides fairly so they can come up in their right. 

I have to remember to step back, fighting that I'm right and someone else is wrong only hurts and confuses the middle ground. At times we just have to agree to be the bigger person, especially as long as no one is getting physically hurt. 

Not fighting, doesn't make it right or wrong. Sometimes it just means you're trying to provide peace for the middle ground. Peace is very much needed, every where.