Monday, August 19, 2013

Second Best or just another bump in the road?

My new favorite blog is she is point  on and shares from being a stepmom herself.  She posted a blog the other day about being different than the biological mom. “She is a peach tree – you are a pear tree” My first response to reading that was why does she get to be the pretty juicy peach and I’m just the pear tree.  Yes, petty I know.  It goes along with self-pity and feeling second best.  Myself, I like pears better.  They have the better figure and taste better.  I just had to get over my self-induced pity. 

Both trees provide vitamins and soul nutrition for growth of a healthy body.  While they both provide different things, they are both a huge asset.  When working together they can do amazing things.  Wait, you mean it’s my own attitude I had to adjust? Oh yeah, that’s right, the only one I can control is myself. Just because I’m a pear tree doesn’t mean I’m second best.  It means I provide nutrition to my subjects differently.  Where one might fail the other thrives, and vice versa. 

The stepmom road can be bumpy, but we can control ourselves and the amount of bumps we bring to the situation.