Friday, August 23, 2013

What If??

What if for one day, we looked at our husbands and told them something we think they are doing wonderfully.  Do everything we do in a day just with their peace of mind in thought.  Get out of bed, and make it.  Set the tone for the evening, by making it as pretty as you would want to feel for him.  Do the 5 sinks full of dirty dishes, just from breakfast for him.  Pick one room in the house and make it as spotless as you possibly can.  Push the kids/step-kids out of mind, and do everything with love and from the heart for the one man you promised to love til death do you part.

Thinking about the resentment homework from  got me to thinking about what things make me feel resentful.  Not feeling appreciated by the kids was one of them.  I’ve been going at this all wrong.  Somehow I was making it all about the kids; the dishes, the housework, the laundry, the cooking, all the things I do in a day.  I was feeling resentful because they don’t appreciate it.  Guess who does appreciate it?  My husband does.  Guess who else does too?  Me!!

When I look at it from the point of doing it to ease stress from my husband’s shoulders and give him peace of mind when he walks through the front door, suddenly the not being appreciated by the kids doesn’t even matter.   I’m coming to the situation out of love.  Love is the key, and it conquers all.  

What if the next day, you did it only for yourself?  For all the same reasons you did it for your husband.  Giving love to yourself instead of beating yourself up or concentrating on something you really can’t control.  You can’t control the way the kids are going to feel about you.  What you can control is going into any situation from an angle of love.  You are giving yourself your own power back.  

Feeling very empowered today!!  Grab yours, it’s there, you just have to change your own mind.