Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10 Things A Yuppy Might Want to Know About Marrying A Farmer

1.  You will always be a constant source of entertainment for your Farmer Husband.  There is so much “farm” life stuff you don’t even have a clue about. No use getting hurt feelings over it. Laugh at yourself, it will help you through it.

2.  Your husband will watch weather radar like it’s his favorite team during football season. This includes catching him at 2:30 in the morning in his underwear and boots watching the sky.
 3,  You better learn North from South and East from West real quick.  He will be highly amused when you call him and ask him where the south west field is, and just laugh.  He will probably even holler YUPPY at you.

4.  Suddenly you will realize you know directions by barns and house colors and silos, or you will pretend you are at Bingo and learn roads by Bingo combination. Yes, this is how I know how to get to our West fields.

5.  You are often 25 miles away from a grocery store.  Learn how to buy in bulk and keep a well stocked pantry.  This will often only take one time of forgetting something important.

6.  Your husband does not have regular hours, which means neither do you.  Even if you work outside the house.  He has to work very hard, farming is becoming a lost art.  Your job is not to harass him about how hard he works, but support him in every possible way.

7,  Your calendar of events will be around farm seasons, just like hunting.  If your husband is both farmer and hunter, camo up ladies.  You, in camo, in the woods with your mouth shut turns your husband on quicker than anything. ;)

8.  A farmer knows how to make ends meet.  He is loyal to a fault, and loves like no other.  He understands nourishing a crop for it to thrive and that carries over into your relationship.

9.  A tractor and ¼ section is a good amount of time to solve things together.  Don’t take yelling or anger to the field with you though, you don’t want to pass that on to the crops.

10,  Learn to appreciate every bit of precious time you have with him.  He is a rare gem, as are you if you are woman enough to be his woman.