Monday, September 9, 2013

Ego get the behind me

 Not long ago, one of my best friends was struggling with her walk with Christ.  She said she didn’t do such and such and therefore was unworthy.  I told her, girl tell your ego to get behind you because that is the only thing standing in your way.

As I sit here and think back to that conversation, I find it fits my stepmom struggles too.  What is the biggest thing that gets in the way?  My ego gets way bigger than my britches some times.  When they say mom does this or makes this better than anybody I know, my ego gets in the way.  What’s wrong with how I do it?  Not a darn tootin’ thing.  If you give me two plates of fried chicken, one my moms and the other the neighbors,I will tell you every time my mom’s is the best hands down.  Nobody can compare to our mothers.  Now granted, I lived with my mom, she wasn’t an occasional every other weekend visitor in my life.   Still though, my ego tells me that because I’m there I should be the one with the praise.  Tell my ego to step aside, and my heart tells me nothing could ever replace certain things my momma makes.  Even with them telling me these two certain things she makes better than anyone, send them away for a week without my cooking and they will tell you they missed my biscuits.  Stepmoms have things they can cook way better than anyone else too. Take your glory when it’s yours, and share it with her when it’s hers.  Now if they ask me to make her specialty, I simply say why don’t you ask mom next time you are with her to make it for you, and then it’s that much more special.  I don’t say it with a twinge of not feeling good enough, because there are things I do better than good enough too.  

As I was telling myself I needed to tell my ego to step aside, an old song we use to sing in church came back to mind. The song where if you want joy, you must ______ (sing, clap, laugh) for it.  That song always makes me happy.  So I sang it to myself in my head.  Which lead to my next conclusion, yes this is getting dangerous.  It’s so easy to harp on the negative, which we all know leads to just more negativity.  So what if I did something that made me happy and reevaluated the situation before commenting on it?  Maybe it’s just as simple as singing that song to myself in my head.  We have to do something for ourselves that makes us happy, when we are happy we share happy.  Happy breeds happy just like negativity breeds negativity.  

Little baby steps, make big changes…so here’s to more baby steps!