Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Supper Table

For as far back as I can remember, my family has always eaten around the table.  Though we are all grown and have children of our own; you will find the whole clan of 23 (30 if we have traveled home) band forces and eat at moms every Sunday.  Around that table, there have been fights, lectures, support, lifting up, truth, but most of all love.   No matter the differences or who is upset with who, gather around that table and you will feel the love that radiates around you. 

Anyone who has been a part of our tradition always comments about how lucky we are to have that.  When I took my step kids home to meet their new family, of everything, I think being around the 2 large tables it takes to support us all was their favorite memory.  They were welcomed into and initiated into the family with the old “you snooze you lose”, or Brayden’s now favorite saying “move your meat, lose your seat.” Thanks Aunt Shine & Aunt Breezi!

When you are at the table, it’s all laid out.  Everyone has their moment to share what’s going on in their life.  I firmly believe that this is where the foundation of proper communication between family members begins.  You have the audience that most kids crave.  This makes them feel important and loved, and most of all heard. Mind you there are now so many kids; we have an adult table and a kids table.  Even sitting at the adult table, if we sit still and quiet enough at the adult table, you will hear the kids discussing life adventures and problems with each other.  You hear them offer up suggestions on how to deal with it and their willingness to gang up on someone if need be.

There is so much togetherness when you take the time to sit at the table and eat.  You feel more bonded as a family.  When I was in the pre-marriage stages with my husband, I told him how important this very tradition is to me.  So as we watch Duck Dynasty every Wednesday night together as a family, I appreciate the fact that their family sits around the table at the end of every show and prays and discusses life.  It’s a tradition that America needs to take back, to be purposely driven to bond each and every night.  If it just simply won’t work because your husband is in the field, or you have to work the night shift, just chose 1 night a week that you purposely make this tradition happen.  You might just be surprised in the response and the change of attitudes in your house.

Food is a symbol of love, and sitting around a huge table with those you love most eating food that you enjoy, and communicating, that right there is priceless.

What is your favorite family tradition?