Friday, October 11, 2013

Little Things

Take a good long look at your partner.  This is the man/woman you chose to be with you when your children are gone out of the house.  What happens when they leave and you have all this time on your hands and you figured out you don’t know your partner other than in her/his role of parent? It is especially important to ask yourself this when the rate of divorce in blended families is 73%.  

What is one way to start changing this statistic?  In my house, we choose to take time at least every other month for a weekend away.  We don’t go far, but we stay gone and with each other only.  This time is spent focusing on each other.  Not discussing bills, or why the kids won’t clean up after themselves, and especially no discussing the ex’s.  It’s about dreaming our future, things we would like to do together to the house to make it ours.  Plan things we would like to do together in the future.  Just truly enjoy each other in ways we forget to do on a day to day basis.

Kendall bought me the sweetest birthday card, it talked about how he forgets to sweep me off my feet and make me feel special on a daily basis.  Yet, he feels honored I’m his.  On our weekends together, this man makes me feel like I am the one and only woman on the face of the earth.  He holds my hand, or puts his arms around me while we are walking.  He opens doors,he surprises me with sweet little things for us to share that evening.  The things he sometimes forgets to do daily that make me feel like I’m the only woman that exists to him in the most important way.

It refreshes our spirits when we spend this time together.  We can go back home, united and ready for those issues of the kids not picking up after themselves or the fact so and so needs more money for something else.  It allows us to renew our connection in a way we forget to do.  I’m just as guilty of letting little things slip.  It renews me to find the time to slip him notes in his briefcase, in his bathroom drawer, or simply give him a squeeze for no reason at all other than I love him.

You picked each other for a reason.  It’s up to you to make sure you nurture each other so when the kids are gone, you look at each other and are ready to play not fight about each of you changing in ways you didn’t notice.  

Enjoy each other, you only live once and time runs out way to quickly!