Sunday, October 13, 2013

With Trembling Hands

This was Kendall and I's weekend getaway without the kids. There wasn't anything going the way it was supposed to, but we had each other. Life has been piling lots of cow patties our way lately. Knowing we have each other helps us keep on trucking.

It's our ritual to have breakfast before heading back home. Golden Corral was close so we stopped there. Kendall had left to make himself a plate, when he came back he told me of an old man the next section over. This gentleman was a retired WWII veteran. He was all alone, his hands trembling as he set the table across from him. He carefully laid out a napkin and gently laid silverware down. He placed a plate next to that with a full glass of water. Kendall watched him the whole time. After setting the table up, he sat on the other side eating and drinking coffee.

Kendall has such a soft heart, we started talking about how short life was knowing full well we will never have 50 years together. We found each other way to late. So we enjoy each other and celebrate silly little things along the way. 

As I went to make my plate, I watched the gentleman. It was very touching. My love for Kendall is different than any I've felt before. I honestly can't sit here and tell you I could go out to eat without him if he was gone. Seeing that empty place setting tugged heart strings hard.

When I returned to the table, I told Kendall that's the thing you read about but never see in real life. Knowing I would blog about how true love never dies. Just about this time Kendall starts laughing. An older gentleman sat down at the empty place setting and started eating.

There went that blog! 

Happy Sunday!