Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My sweet thoughtful son

There are some moments in a stepmom's life where she constantly wonders where she fits. She gets too caught up in her role and forgets to just love and let live. We can get so uptight because life isn't going the way we think it "should". Should is such a dangerous word. The word has been listed in my official cuss word list, just like shut-up.

 I spent yesterday in bed sick. That is way out of my normal, as I'm use to running from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. My oldest stepson came home from school, I needed to talk to him so called him in to my room. It was then he showed me the tea he bought me with his own money and told me about the movie he had rented so we could watch as a family. I love the fact that he did this for me. Tanner will text me during the day to tell me things he needs to complain about, and often he doesn't want me to fix anything he just wants to be able to complain. When I try to fix something, he will tell me that he just needs to complain. Our communication with each other is growing leaps and bounds. The fact he thought to bring me something to help me feel better is a priceless blessing to my heart.

 Even though I said I'd never offer up advice, here it is. Stop thinking about what "SHOULD" happen and just let things happen. Quit looking to the internet for your answers, a wise doctor told me you will always find information to support how you are feeling. You will find the information that fuels your fears. He told me get off the damn computer and live life, it happens more natural that way. My blessings far outweigh any problems I think I'm having. That statement is very true the more I figure out how to laugh and just live life. My quiver is full...