Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Stepmom's Guide to Snagging The Girl, Part 1

What? You think all advice should only come from mom or dad?  Sometimes the person you least expect to have the best advice is the one you should seek it from because they can look outside the perimeter.  This person has a rare glance because they weren’t born with the unconditional love of your parents who think you could do no wrong.  Oh don’t doubt their love, in any way shape or form, but you weren’t automatically granted that through birth with them.  

Any woman/girl worth her weight will look at one thing very closely when she is checking you out.  No, it is not your looks.  Sure your looks and personality might grab her attention at first, but guess what is going to keep her attention on you?  The way you treat the woman who in your life every single day, lets her know exactly how you will treat her in any relationship.  Whether it is your mom, stepmom or grandma, she will look and listen to the way you treat this very important woman in your life.   If you constantly bad mouth her, disrespect her and don’t show love and respect towards her this girl will take note. Even off handed comments will make her wonder.  Disrespecting this very important role model in your life can have consequences that you might think goes right back to your looks.  

Being, ME ME ME all the time with your parents, also shows a woman/girl how you will treat her.  If she constantly sees you complaining about always wanting, and it always involves your wants and how everyone is mistreating you because it’s not being done instantly shows her she won’t be even close to #1 in your life.  Look around you, does it ALWAYS have to be about you?  Or do you take the time to make someone feel appreciated who deserves to feel that way.  Your parents work hard for you, and always being ME ME ME is a huge turn off for any prospect you might have.    

There is much advice to be given, so until next time...